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DevHub gets more Money

We've followed DevHub since it was EvoLanding.  The parent company announced this month that it has secured a round of growth capital totaling $1.5 million.

DevHub reports that they now have over 30,000 publishers whose websites attract over 2 million unique visitors per month. The site creation tools and revenue-generating modules to make it easy to create quality niche topical sites.

DevHub focuses on domainers.  The platform is optimized for revenue-generating purposes, but their revenue has not always been stellar.  Still, it is very easy and quick to create mini-sites at DevHub .

“In addition to aggressively growing the feature set to support and grow our individual publisher base, the capital raised will enable us to quickly expand the DevHub platform to encompass larger, content-rich sites on the Web that sorely need a revenue-focused platform to build upon,” according to EVO Media Group CEO, Geoffrey Nuval [the parent company]. “The Internet is realizing it can no longer stand on a freeconomy and publishers large and small are looking for ways to optimize monetization for the content and brands they create; we are seeing this more and more with the increasing number of potential partners approaching us for a solution.”

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