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Sedo Begins Absorbing RevenueDirect Accounts

The domain giant Sedo has given RevenueDirect customers six days to link their RevenueDirect accounts with a Sedo account.  It's not clear what will happen if people don't comply.  If you have a Sedo account the process is simple.  Just click on the link in the email and enter your Sedo credentials when you get to the special page of their site. 

As previously announced, RevenueDirect was recently acquired by Sedo. We are excited to be offering you the opportunity to benefit from Sedo's world-renowned parking capabilities and international marketplace.

To ensure your access to Sedo's full range of services, all RevenueDirect clients will need to have a Sedo account. Please follow the link below to either specify a Sedo account you already have, or to create a new one. It is important that you use this link; going directly to Sedo.com will not link your accounts together.

The deadline to complete this is Monday April 27, 2009.

I assume that an attempt will be made on April 27th to move the bulk of RevenueDirect customers to the Sedo plaform, but this is not actually clear from the email.  It's also not clear what will happen if you fail to act - but eventually everyone should link their Revenue Direct account with their Sedo account.



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