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What's up at Stompernet?

Andy Jenkins has left Stompernet.  He recently announced that he will not be at the Live 8 event in Atlanta.  Co-founder Brad Fallon is planning a bit announcement on September 9th.  Look for the price to drop, or at least the introduction of tiered pricing. 

Stompernet is one of the world's most expensive membership sites.  For around $800 a month you get access to a huge library of SEO and marketing videos and you get to attend live events 2-3 times a year.  These events have been closed to the public until recently - but an upcoming even in Atlanta is open to the public and widely marketed.  You can pay $1500 to attend the three day event or pay half price if you subscribe to the Net Effect journal.  Why open this up? Undoubtedly membership is dropping.  I was a member for over a year, when I could justify the expense.  I learned a lot about SEO and marketing, but when the economy went south I could no longer justify the expense.   (I will be attending Live 8, thanks to Jerry West.)  It will be interesting to watch things develop over the next couple of months.

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