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Post-Parking Monetization - Rapid Domain Builder

Oversee.net's DOMAINfest Global was again a big success.  The company is the parent company of Domain Sponsor
- one of the premier domain parking companies - but they also introduced domain owners to some new monetization options at the recent conference.    Rapid Domain Builder generated a lot of buzz at their "Pitchfest."  The purpose of the pitchfest was to introduce domainers to "new, alpha- or beta-stage product and service ideas for increasing website traffic and revenue."

Rapid Domain Builder appears to be a hosting and content management package that is priced in a pay-as-you-go manner. It is still in beta and it has some rough edges. I've played around with it a little and there is a learning curve - but there is also a lot of promise. It uses several different content management systems, and allows you to use AdSense and DevHub as well. You can even create Wordpress sites with their platform (although I'm still not sure why you would want to - WordPress is free and easy to use.)

It does not appear to me that the service adds any content to your domains unless you pay extra for this. You can apparently hire staff to create content for you and develop out your site within their system. You can see your Rapid Domain Builder sites before you pay to actually host them.   Kicking the tires is free.  

Expect to spend several hours figuring out all the options here. Rapid Domain Builder is built on the MyPage.com platform which appears to primarily provide hosting services. The service promises to give domain owners a quick way to develop and monetize in bulk. Pricing is still a mystery to me too.  In some places they quote prices as low as $1 per domain, and in other places it looks like $299 plus $2.99 per domain. That's quite a big difference.  I see the potential in their site, but I am hopelessly lost figuring out all the options. 

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