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TrafficZ's New Monetization Models

TrafficZ is one of the companies reeling from the drop in revenue associated with the switch from Yahoo to Bing. They recently announced a sneak peak of a new monetization model that will be less dependent on pay-per-click parking.  Their new model includes


  1. CPA (Cost per Action) - "Clients get paid when a user converts on a certain action, such as submitting information via a form or making a purchase. The payout for CPA is generally a lot higher than standard PPC because the user is required to take an action."  This should look a bit like SmartName Shops, but the implication is that TrafficZ will actually only pay when there is a sale.
  2. Rich Content - A model that allows clients to create "robust sites with relevant information for end-users. This will enhance the landing page experience and lead to recurring visits".  Think WhyPark.
  3. Zero Click - A model that generates revenue by directing traffic straight to an advertiser’s site.  Other companies provide similar monetization, but these are usually one-at-a-time deals and I'm not sure you can scale this across your portfolio.


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