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Sedo Goes Direct to Advertisers

Domain monetization company Sedo is going direct to advertisers with its new SedoDNA program.   Their new home-grown ad network will allow advertisers to place paid ads directly on domains parked with Sedo. These ads will likely mix with the google ads that have always populated Sedo-parked domains. The SedoDNA ads will likely be a better deal for advertisers and domainers alike.

Sedo is not unique in providing their own ads.  The parent companies of DomainSponsor and Fabulous began going direct to advertisers several years ago in a similar manner.  Such ads have never dominated the inventory of parking companies, and only time will tell if Sedo is more successful.  If they are, it's likely a win-win for advertisers and domain owners.
Edit - 4/20 -
Sedo intended this for their German audience (even though there is an English language site).  Sedo issued the following clarification:

Last week our German team sent out a press release to their local media outlets regarding the private beta launch of SedoDNA.com. This initial PR was meant to gauge interest within the German market, and to introduce a focus group of users to the private beta launch of the site and its services, which are only available to our German clients at this time. Since our US market isn’t currently able to utilize the SedoDNA site, we did not issue a release here in the US.  We did this to avoid any confusion and to ensure that when we do launch the global version of SedoDNA, that our clients are provided with a fully functioning and developed site that has already been beta tested for an optimal user experience.


News of the beta SedoDNA website has spread quickly and globally, and we had not anticipated the level of coverage we’ve received over the past week. With that said, we are excited by the enthusiasm our clients have been expressing since hearing about SedoDNA ,and we are hoping that the current messaging on the website entices them to check out the final initiative when it launches worldwide.  Although this global attention wasn’t planned, we are embracing the additional exposure and interest for SedoDNA.


Please be assured that we do plan on sending out a formal press release to our US market once the site is available globally. This will provide us an opportunity to further introduce and market this important next step for our Sedo brand.

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