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Verify your Parking Stats with DNWStats

How can you prove your traffic stats are legitimate to a potential domain buyer?  Andrew Allemann's new DNWStats service will log into your parking stats and retrieve the data.  It will then publish a certificate certifying the traffic.  The service currently works with DomainSponsor, NameDrive, Parked, Sedo (but not SedoPro), and Skenzo.  

DNWStats is free-of-charge.  At some point the service will offer premium services, and they reserve the right to charge for the service in the future.  The only down side I can see is that you enter your parking company credentials in the site.  They claim not to store the information, and I certainly trust Andrew in this; but it's always risky entering logins into other accounts.

That said, the service provided by DNWStats is an important one.  This is the first cross-platform service to verify stats and provide the information (with your permission) to potential buyers.  You have control over whether a certificate is private or public.  Try it with a few of your domains and see how easy it is to create a certificate.

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