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Sedo Raises its Fees

Domain powerhouse Sedo announced a fee increase on domain sales in a July 1 email.  Their new rates take effect August 1.  The new fee schedule brings their fees more in line with Afternic - their main U.S. competitor. Instead of a flat 10% fee for their services (with a higher fee for optional broader promotion) 

Sedo describes their new fees this way:

Sale Type


Buy Now sale originating on Sedo's Domain Marketplace
in which the domain is also parked3 with Sedo

10% of sale price 
(no minimum fee)

Sale originating on Sedo's Domain Marketplace

15% of sale price (minimum fee applies)

Sale originating on the SedoMLS® Promotion Network

20% of sale price (minimum fee applies)


Afternic describes their fee schedule this way:

DLS Premium Promotion Sales Fee 20%, $120 minimum
DLS Network Promotion Sales Fee 15%, $120 minimum


One obvious advantage with Sedo is that you can save 5% by also parking your domains there.  This is a significant savings and may be worth considering if you have a business that parks and sells domains.

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