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2015 Domain Parking Changes

TrafficZ closed its doors at the beginning of 2015.  It was the first domain parking company that I used.  I remember Kevin Vo contacting me to tell me about the service, and I remember being skeptical that I would make any money off ads.  I was wrong.  TrafficZ brought me a good income for a number of years.  Their tools allowed me to see which domains got traffic and attempt different ways to monetize those domains differently if they were not making money at TrafficZ.  

I got an email from Bodis.com on January 30th stating:

"On behalf of Bodis we are pleased to announce the acquisition of TrafficZ as our latest affirmation of commitment to expand and improve parking services to our valued users.

As part of Bodis, you will now enjoy the following features:


  • NET 7 Payments 
  • Fast Support 
  • Advanced Reporting 
  • Sale Options
  • and more


Unfortunately, we have been unable to migrate your TrafficZ account to Bodis due to missing or inaccurate contact information. We kindly ask you to register a new account with Bodis.com to benefit from the Bodis parking platform.

If you have any questions in regards to this process, please don't hesitate to contact Bodis support. We will get back to you within 24 hours!"

I tried Bodis when they first developed their service and was not initially impressed.  Since that time they have spent a good deal of effort developing the service and I hear good things about it.  I'm just not sure it is worth the effort to try them again. I'm pleased with DomainSponsor (now part of Rook Media), Sedo, and NameDrive.  I still get enough parking income to supplement my domain sales income every year, but it's not like the good old days. 


New Domain Apps at WhyPark

Domain monetizer WhyPark released two new Domain Apps in July.  The Photo Gallery App allows you to feature keyword-based photo galleries on your sites.  The Publications App helps you integrate free publications such as eBooks, magazines, and white papers.  In some cases the domainer is paid when someone downloads the content, and visitors can get free magazine subscriptions.

Other revenue-generating apps include the Coupons app, Shopping app (similar to SmartName Shops) and Mortgage app. The Web Directory app allows you to set up paid directories on your sites and and recruit businesses to pay for a listing.  This diversity can be a really good thing, since the primary feeds at WhyPark and other monetization companies continue to generate less income than in the past.

Can You Make More Money with Frank Schilling?

Frank Schilling’s new InternetTraffic.com service claims to help you make more money than other parking companies.  He is apparently using some of the same techniques he uses on his own domains, and reports I've read suggest that the domains can contain both Google feeds and Yahoo/Bing feeds.

At first glance this seems to violate the terms of service of these companies, but Frank is such a big customer he may get a pass(?)  Domain owners who have been allowed in report getting an income boost, but it's too soon to see how long this will last.  Lots of companies give a boost at first and then domain owners find that income settles-down over time.  


Staying Afloat in 2011

As domain income gets tighter and tighter people are looking for creative ways to fund their domain portfoilo expenses. There were a couple of really good articles in the past month that gave people tips on how to do this.

Rick Schwarz posted an excellent article on his blog giving newbie domain investors advice on how to start in this business. This was one of the meatier articles I've read from "the king" and I recommend it to both beginners and seasoned domain investors.  Rick provides 36 tips, starting with

1.     You are planting a SEED not buying a domain name.

2.     You are staking a claim not buying a domain name.

3.     Seeds take time to germinate, mature and bear fruit

4.     You are planting trees not grass.

5.     This is a 5 year plan

Read the rest of his tips here.

Rob Monster of Epik gave us examples of six people using his service and their strategy for developing domains. These models can be applied to platforms such as WhyPark and SmartName in addition to Epik.  Monster tells the story of the following people:

The Empire Builder – Kenny Hartog
The Merchant – Oliver Hoger
The Stager – Morgan Schwartz
The Gardener – Todd Johnson
The Prospector – Aaron Wilkenson
The Bandit – Braden Pollock

Read more of what he has to say on his blog.