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Above features new Parking Companies

Above.com is a good way to try your domain names at different parking companies.  Andrew at DNW.com noticed recently that they have integrated three new parking companies into their platform: VoodooParkingCrew, and TheParkingPlace.  

I probably won't be immediately trying these services out - but it's interesting that new domain parking services are trying to make a go of it in a tough market.  If you have some of your domains set-up at Above.com you may want to give these new services a try.  


Yahoo caps .biz, .co, .info, .tv, and .us.

Yahoo recently imposed a revenue cap on doman parking income on certain TLDs. TrafficZ reported that the affected TLDs "include .biz, .co, .info, .tv, and .us." leaving open the possibility that other TLDs might also be capped.  According to TrafficZ on 8/16:

The new, conservative revenue cap was rolled out early this morning and will be imposed on a per domain, per day basis. Specifically, if a particular domain in one of the above-referenced TLDs exceeds the revenue cap on any given day, Yahoo! listings will cease to be displayed on that domain for the following three days, at which point they will resume displaying as normal.This change was made across the board and will affect all Yahoo! partners. 

In a follow-up email they clarified that:

Yahoo! is just one of many advertising partners that TrafficZ works with to monetize your domains and traffic. And although Yahoo! may have imposed a cap on certain TLDs, TrafficZ will continue to monetize all high quality domains and traffic through our multiple advertising partners, regardless of TLD, revenue and/or volume.

Furthermore, TrafficZ clients with exceptional .INFO, .US, .TV, .BIZ and/or .CO domains should submit them to our account team for further review. Where appropriate, TrafficZ will work with Yahoo! to have revenue cap limits raised or removed from qualified domains, regardless of TLD.

Note that this new policy likely affects Parked, WhyPark, and SmartName as well.


Jeff Kupietzky Leaves Oversee.net

Oversee.net - parent company of DomainSponsor - has announced that CEO Jeff Kupietzky is leaving the company at the end of August for personal reasons. A statement released by Mason Cole this afternoon reported that Kupietzky will be moving to Israel with his family.

According to the statement "The day-to-day operations and strategic vision for Oversee will be led by the company’s Co-Presidents, Debra Domeyer and Scott Morrow. They are supported by an operating committee which includes CFO Liz Murray, and General Counsel Todd Greene. "

Kupietzky deserves credit for launching the domainFEST Conferences, widely regarded as some of the best domain conferences ever produced and stealing some of the thunder from the prior industry-leading TRAFFIC conferences. The statement continues by quoting Board Chairman and co-founder Lawrence Ng: "On behalf of the Board and all Oversee employees, I thank Jeff for his service to the company. He successfully navigated the company through some difficult challenges and positioned it as an industry leader. We all wish him the best of luck in his new home and as he continues his successful career.” Mr. Ng also expressed his confidence in the company’s leadership: “We feel extremely fortunate to have such a talented team of executives who are well respected throughout the industry. We are extremely confident in their knowledge and capabilities, as well as their passion to lead us to our next chapter of growth.”


Can You Make More Money with Frank Schilling?

Frank Schilling’s new InternetTraffic.com service claims to help you make more money than other parking companies.  He is apparently using some of the same techniques he uses on his own domains, and reports I've read suggest that the domains can contain both Google feeds and Yahoo/Bing feeds.

At first glance this seems to violate the terms of service of these companies, but Frank is such a big customer he may get a pass(?)  Domain owners who have been allowed in report getting an income boost, but it's too soon to see how long this will last.  Lots of companies give a boost at first and then domain owners find that income settles-down over time.  


Google's Farmer/Panda Update Goes Global, Hurts Keyword Domains

Earlier this week Google Google extended the algorithm change that penalized content farms to the rest of the world. They also incorporated user feedback - dropping the rank of sites that users block in their search results. Domainers have been reporting that his change has significantly hurt their keyword traffic - especially the traffic of international sites that weren't hurt as badly by the first Farmer/Panda update.  According to Google

We’ve rolled out this improvement globally to all English-language Google users, and we’ve also incorporated new user feedback signals to help people find better search results. In some high-confidence situations, we are beginning to incorporate data about the sites that users block into our algorithms. In addition, this change also goes deeper into the “long tail” of low-quality websites to return higher-quality results where the algorithm might not have been able to make an assessment before. The impact of these new signals is smaller in scope than the original change: about 2% of U.S. queries are affected by a reasonable amount, compared with almost 12% of U.S. queries for the original change. (Official Google Blog 4/11/11)

In addition to penalizing "low quality content" the change appears to reduce the value of having a keyword in the domain title.  The value is not zero, but without accompanying strong content a keyword domain may find it self on page 4 instead of page 1. 

This change argues in favor of content-rich solutions such as WhyPark over traditional parking companies for certain domains.  If you have seen your parked domain income drop on some of your best keyword domains, give WhyPark a try.