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Using DNS for Parking Companies

Last month I reported on some issues that Google had raised about using different types of redirects to park domains.  It seems that the best way to park domains is to change the nameservers (such as ns1.sedoparking.com or ns1.parked.com) for the domain.  Micheal Gilmour had a great article about this issue on his blog.  He puts this move by Google in the context of their recent moves to cut payouts to domain owners. He also reported that his ParkLogic solution for large portfolio owners does allow dns switching - so his model still works.

We also get some hints that Yahoo may be blocking some domain redirects.  (This from the members only section of the Parked forum, so no quotes.)  The best advice for both Yahoo-based services (such as Parked.com, WhyPark.com, and SmartName.com) and Google-based services (such as DomainSponsor, Sedo, and NameDrive) is to set the appropriate nameservers at your registrar.  If you use a service such as ParkLogic to send traffic to domains - be sure that this service is actually using the dns to send the traffic rather than some other approach.



Ron Jackson's SmartName Experiment

Ron Jackson of DNJournal recently reported on an experiment with some keyword .us domains that he moved from traditional parking pages to SmartName shops, monetized by Shopping.com.  Ron used some great one and two word product name domains that are not likely to naturally get type-in traffic - names like IceMachines.us, Fins.us, SwimmingPools.us, and PictureFrames.us.  (I wish I had more domains like these.) On his site he lists 10 domains that earned less than 50 cents over the previous 12 months.  These domains earled over $180 on SmartName in 4 months.  

He earned additional money from AdSense on these domains, since  allows you to put your own AdSense ads on your domains.  You can read more details by scrolling down The Lowdown on his site.   SmartName creates actual shops for your domains and fills them with products.  Search engines treat these domains just like other ships on the Internet and you can get an SEO boost.  

If you have product-related keyword domains, even if they are not dotcom, consider SmartName - and be sure to use their "shops" option.


Domain Parking - Who's Left?

The air seems to be leaking out of the domain development balloon as domain owners discover just how much work domain development is.  It's not enough to develop a domain, you then have to maintain it.  That means, at a minimum, keeping WordPress up to date and continuing to add new content.  Multiply that times a large domain portfolio and you are asking the impossible.  For that reason domain parking continues to offer the most bang for the buck for most domain portfolio owners.

In the next few weeks I will be updating the ParkQuick.com website with new reviews and up-to-date information on the state of parking in 2010.  It's gotten a little stale.  In the mean time, here's who continues do to well:

  • Parked is arguably the best of the traditional parking companies.  They run a tight ship and keep fraud at a minimum, which rewards honest domain owners.  Income had held up there over the past few months.
  • Sedo does a little of everything, and their one click pages still do great on a number of my domains.
  • NameDrive is a close competitor and now offers many of the same services.
  • DomainSponsor does a good job of automatically building a page based on what users are looking for. Sometimes it's not what you think.
  • WhyPark is the best of the quasi-development platforms right now.  You can set-it-and-forget-it or you can tweak your domains and add custom content.
  • I had high hopes for SmartName, but earnings have disappointed lately.  Your mileage may vary.



TrafficZ fixes Domain Manager Problem

TrafficZ notified users yesterday that they fixed the problems with their backend that domainers use to manage their domains.  I received emails on June 10th stating that they were having

network issues stemming from our hosting company. This will not affect revenue in any way. All parking pages are currently functional; however, use of the TrafficZ Manager is currently down.

Less than 24 hours later they sent an email reporting that their domain manager has been restored.  I was impressed with TrafficZ's great communication with its users during this problem. 


Sedo Goes Direct to Advertisers

Domain monetization company Sedo is going direct to advertisers with its new SedoDNA program.   Their new home-grown ad network will allow advertisers to place paid ads directly on domains parked with Sedo. These ads will likely mix with the google ads that have always populated Sedo-parked domains. The SedoDNA ads will likely be a better deal for advertisers and domainers alike.

Sedo is not unique in providing their own ads.  The parent companies of DomainSponsor and Fabulous began going direct to advertisers several years ago in a similar manner.  Such ads have never dominated the inventory of parking companies, and only time will tell if Sedo is more successful.  If they are, it's likely a win-win for advertisers and domain owners.
Edit - 4/20 -
Sedo intended this for their German audience (even though there is an English language site).  Sedo issued the following clarification:

Last week our German team sent out a press release to their local media outlets regarding the private beta launch of SedoDNA.com. This initial PR was meant to gauge interest within the German market, and to introduce a focus group of users to the private beta launch of the site and its services, which are only available to our German clients at this time. Since our US market isn’t currently able to utilize the SedoDNA site, we did not issue a release here in the US.  We did this to avoid any confusion and to ensure that when we do launch the global version of SedoDNA, that our clients are provided with a fully functioning and developed site that has already been beta tested for an optimal user experience.


News of the beta SedoDNA website has spread quickly and globally, and we had not anticipated the level of coverage we’ve received over the past week. With that said, we are excited by the enthusiasm our clients have been expressing since hearing about SedoDNA ,and we are hoping that the current messaging on the website entices them to check out the final initiative when it launches worldwide.  Although this global attention wasn’t planned, we are embracing the additional exposure and interest for SedoDNA.


Please be assured that we do plan on sending out a formal press release to our US market once the site is available globally. This will provide us an opportunity to further introduce and market this important next step for our Sedo brand.

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