DomainSponsor sends Sales Inquiries to Moniker

Earlier this month DomainSponsor changed how they deal with someone who is interested in buying one of your parked domains.  Instead of forwarding the inquiry to you, they forward it to Moniker. Here’s how they describe the process in announcement dated 10/02:

“Beginning today, any user who clicks the Domain For Sale link on a DomainSponsor domain will be redirected to the Moniker Domain Bid form. Moniker will review the request and contact you with additional information. We believe this new process will greatly reduce unwanted spam from your domains and will help us increase the value of the requests you do receive.”

They have a point. People click on inquiry links for all sorts of reasons.  I expect that  this also means that Moniker will take a broker`s cut for being the middle-man, however.  Giving Moniker a cut provides an incentive for them to negotiate for a higher price.  You may actually do better under this system, or you may do worse.

Why not give domain owners a choice?  Let us click a box to tell you whether we want Moniker to handle inquires, or whether we want to handle them ourselves.

3 thoughts on “DomainSponsor sends Sales Inquiries to Moniker

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  1. If I had my domains at DS I would be extremely pissed off that Moniker would now be taking my sales leads. Now I have to negotiate a commission with them? Who asked them to be my middleman. BIG mistake for DS.


  2. I agree that they should give domainers a choice. I have over 2000 names parked with them and while I don’t get hardly any spam posts, I do however get a lot of $10 and $50 offers on domains that I wouldn’t sell for less than $1000, but I have also converted a few low ball offers into higher offers and ultimately sales and didn’t have to pay a commission to do so. I would choose the old way of getting the offer directly to myself.


  3. I guess my domain sponsor account will not be used now. I would rather handle a lead myself and have money in the bank through in a few days then have to wait for moniker to handle the escrow which in my past experience was not quick in any form. If they are going to take a cut from our own lead generated from our own domains traffic then that is pretty shady. Times are tough I guess not only do they take their share of your parking income but now they need to intercept your domain offers as well.


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