Yahoo/Google deal Falling Apart?

Reuters (along with other sources) has reported that Google may decide to cancel its proposed partnership with Yahoo rather than accept government-imposed antitrust restrictions. Reuters quotes sources as saying  “Are they more serious about walking away? Yes. Have they decided? I’m not sure.  Yahoo wants the deal, and they’re willing to have Google sign anything at the Justice Department to have them do it.”

We may see an announcement any day on this.  While this is undoubtedly bad news for Yahoo, it may not be bad news for domainers – at least in the short run.  For now it means that there are still two major players funding most of the landing pages created by domain parking companies.

3 thoughts on “Yahoo/Google deal Falling Apart?

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  1. What happens to the’s of the world if Yahoo rev starts to fall off or disappear? What are you seeing for parking companies with a Yahoo feed in a post-Yahoo world?


  2. Great contributions, Rob. Parked has some back-up feeds in place and ready to go if Yahoo ever quits or gets taken over by Google. I imagine that they would also try to get a Google feed. As you imply, though, domain income would decrease. We are already seeing a decrease, probably related to decreased competition for keywords, the push to only monetize converting keywords, and the economic downturn.


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