Sedo buys Revenue Direct

Domain name giant Sedo and parking company RevenueDirect announced today that Sedo has taken over the smaller parking company.  The two platforms will continue operating separately for the time being, but I expect that eventually we will see a merger of the back-ends, with Sedo’s landing pages predominating.   It doesn’t make sense economically for them to operate two different back-ends.  Below is a Q&A that RevenueDirect provided to its customers:

Q: Will I need to make any changes to my domains?
A: At this time you will not need to make changes to how your domains are parked or optimized through RevenueDirect (including name server or other traffic forwarding settings.) You will be notified if future changes are required.

Q: How will I be paid?
A: RevenueDirect will continue to issue your monthly payments until otherwise communicated. Your payment cycle and method will not change at this time.

Q: Will I earn more/less?
A: Your earnings are expected to remain consistent, or even improve as we integrate RevenueDirect into Sedo’s platforms.

Q: What will happen to my RevenueDirect account if I already have a Sedo account?
A: Initially, your RevenueDirect account will continue to function independently from Sedo. Eventually, Sedo’s staff will be available to assist you directly with any transition-related questions or instructions.

Q: Who do I contact for support?
A: All RevenueDirect clients will continue to receive support from RevenueDirect account managers, while also being given access to Sedo’s award-winning customer service network at Sedo.


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  1. I love using Sedo and this is an interesting acquisition and hopefully for the best. I have heard people in the past complain that Sedo doesn’t care about parking but just about selling domains and I think with this it just shows their believe in domain parking as much as selling domains. Good for Sedo and good for the domain parking community out there.


  2. In hindsight thinking about my comment I totally forgot that Revenue Direct was owned by Dotster. So that really makes it a non-event sale since nobody in the general public (hardly anyone) uses Revenue Direct and it is just a sub company set up by Dotster for monetizing domains in their own portfolio. These being domains that customers of dotser/ etc….failed to renew and they felt they were strong enough to keep instead of releasing them out to auction or to the general public. So the sale probably means the one or two people who ran this department got laid off and they decided to trim back and let Sedo do all the work with the domains.


  3. I have some of my domains with RevenueDirect. They are actually doing OK with US traffic. I believe that’s why Sedo bought them, to get more US presence. They said John is moving to Boston with his team, so they are not laying off everybody…


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