Simonetta Batteiger Brings us Sedo’s Future

Simonetta Batteiger is the head of Finance and Sales for North America for Sedo. She’s also the head of parking, but they took that out of the title when she succeeded Eben Smith. (Eben continues to work for Sedo.) You’ll see in this interview that Simonetta is more than just a pretty face. She talks in depth about Sedo‘s strategy of simple landing pages and answers questions about why some accounts get cancelled.  I found her to be both charming and intelligent, and she seems to be off to a great start.

4 thoughts on “Simonetta Batteiger Brings us Sedo’s Future

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  1. Another good interview. I use Sedo all the time and am pretty happy with them. I was thinking about parked pages and I wish they would work with google and do some parked pages with image adds on them instead of just text adds. Maybe like a template with 4 250×250 google image adds smack dab in the center. Google has added image adds on their google custom search for adsense so why not get them to add them for parking to.One thing I am not to big on is selling domains with them. The minimum commission is a bit high in my opinion. If I sell a domain for $100 I have to pay $50 to Sedo which I think is a bit much. Also whenever I sell a domain I can always figure on waiting 30 days and then having to send an email over to support asking them to follow up on the sale so I can get my money. I think I have only sold one domain where the end user actually paid on time without me having to get the Sedo team to nudge them to paid up.Other than that I pretty happy with them. And she looks kinda cute from the side…..wish you couldn’t got her to look at the camera though.


  2. The side view is my fault. I had two cameras, but for some reason the one with the best sound was poorly placed. I’m not a videographer, so I basically had to choose between lousy sound and a bad angle. I chose to go with the better sound despite the poor angle.


  3. Hi Mike,In response to your comment, if you sell a domain through our marketplace and the domain is parked with Sedo, then the commission is only 10%. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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