Domain Monetization in early 2010

Domain parking income seems to have settled at lower levels than in the past few years, and some people have seen a slight increase in income in early 2010. Some have suggested that the Yahoo/Microsoft paid search deal should further boost parking income on Yahoo-based services such as SmartName, Parked / WhyPark, and TrafficZ.  Paid search customers should add more competition for search terms in a combined Yahoo/Microsoft marketplace, and this could result in higher PPC rates for domain owners.  There is always the chance that some of the increase won’t get passed-on.

Domain owners who depend solely on domain parking for income are still hurting, however.  

My advice remains to diversify.  Diversify your income stream by actively marketing your domains for sale.  Find quick and easy “development” platforms like WhyPark and SmartName to put up content-rich websites and court SEO traffic.  Consider services like which let you compare parking with different companies, and connect you with Trellian’s domain leasing service.  

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  1. Domain Parking has pretty much bottomed out for me and I have pretty much just started building websites and just forwarding domains that are similar to that site. Sure it slows down the chances of me selling the domain but who’s buying them now anyway.At the end of the day I am still making a profit but it’s not much. I hope it improves but I am doubtful on it and I think parking may have run it’s course as a viable income.


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