Sedo announces World Tour

SedoPro announced this week some new get-togethers for their SedoPro members,  In the past SedoPro held annual "Partner Forums" in resort locations.  Their new strategy seems to include multiple shorter events, the first coming up in late August at Sedo's U.S. headquarter's in Boston. Boston - August 31 - September 1 Seoul, Korea  - September 10... Continue Reading →

Epik plans a Monster Conference

The Edgewater HotelI could have just as easily said that Monster plans an Epik conference.  Venture Capitalist and Internet entrepreneur Rob Monster is working to build a platform that supplants domain parking.   His Epik platform primarily uses tools from EvoLanding to create a semantic web of sites that feed traffic into one another.  He recently announced the first... Continue Reading →

NameMedia’s AfterNIC Gets New Portfolio Manager

Domain marketplace Afternic announced on June 29th that they have implemented a new portfolio manager to make it easier for domain owners to manage their domains at the company.  According to the press release: “Afternic Portfolio Manager provides our customers the ability reconcile their inventory in a single request, while providing instantaneous add, edit, and remove domain... Continue Reading →

GoDaddy Hosting Compromised

If you have sites hosted with GoDaddy you should probably check on them.  There are numerous reports of GoDaddy sites being attacked with malicious code injected in the sites.  At first it appeared to be a WordPress vulnerability, but Joomla and other sites are also being attacked.  You can read first-hand accounts at NamePros and... Continue Reading →

Yahoo Exits the “AdSense” Business

Yahoo announced on March 31st that it shutting down its Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) effective April 30. According to a Yahoo bog post, the decision "does not affect large, direct publishers and partners, nor advertisers using Content Match."  They go on to state:   Earlier today, Yahoo! emailed a small group of publishers participating in the... Continue Reading →

ParkLogic – Domains as Investments

Michael Gilmour is serious about domain name investing.  You've probably seen his blog and heard him speak at domain conferences.  His vision for domain names involves treating them as objective investment vehicles - similar to stocks and bonds.  He has developed a platform at that allows owners of major domain portfolios to tightly analyze... Continue Reading →

Domain Monetization in early 2010

Domain parking income seems to have settled at lower levels than in the past few years, and some people have seen a slight increase in income in early 2010. Some have suggested that the Yahoo/Microsoft paid search deal should further boost parking income on Yahoo-based services such as SmartName, Parked / WhyPark, and TrafficZ.  Paid... Continue Reading →

Domain Conference Overload?

Is there really a need for three domain conferences within 30 days?  There is a hard core group of professional domainers and domain journalists who go to almost all of these conferences. Andrew Allemann of Domain Name Wire had to pay an extra $500 for his TRAFFIC Las Vegas air fare after booking his flight for the... Continue Reading →

2009 in Review

2009 was certainly a year of ups and downs. Most of us who have made money from domain parking will agree that it was mostly a year of downs.  The year started off on high note with DOMAINfest Global, which included a party at the Playboy mansion.  Parking income had already started to slide, but... Continue Reading →

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