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Domain Apps is not a traditional parking service. They will create sites full of content and/or widgets and allow you to place your own ads on the site. They are a good flexible alternative to domain parking – less trouble than fully developing your domains, but with much more potential than single-page parking services.
Domain Apps is a re-branded version of “WhyPark” and offers free and paid plans.  The paid plans offer a wider variety of content feeds that may help your sites get indexed in search engines.  The company merged with Parked – a Yahoo-based parking company, and the two are now together under the Domain Apps banner .

Some of our WhyPark pages obtained Google PageRank for a time – a sign that Google was treating them as if they were full-blown websites.  Domain Apps has it’s own Yahoo-based ad feed replaces their former reliance on AdSense.

Their basic stock sites may still suffer from Google’s “duplicate content” penalty, but they offer ways to purchase unique professionally written content for your sites.  The recent changes at Google  seem to have penalized Domain Apps sites a bit, as Google has announced their intent to de-list parked domains.
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