Early Autumn 2011

Early Autumn 2011 – Issue #71

No More URL Forwarding for Google-based Parking
You’ve probably been contacted by Google-based companies like Sedo, DomainSponsor, or NameDrive with a warning that domains you have listed with URL forwarding will no longer work after October 1st.  This is something that Google has instituted, not these individual parking companies.  Since Google-based services still seem to be paying better in general, it is probably a good idea to change how you direct traffic to these services ASAP.

This move seems to be another attempt at fraud prevention.  Google can better track exactly where traffic is coming from if it is not forwarded from another source.  

This change can be a pain for owners of multiple domains. One suggestion – look into bulk tools that may be available through your control panel.  Enom, for example, allows you to create a “magic folder” that will change nameservers for every domain in that folder.  This is one of the quickest way to make this change across a large number of domains.  (Thanks to Eric Rice for inventing Magic Folders at BulkRegister which was bought by eNom.)

Yahoo Imposes Revenue Caps on non dotcom TLDs

Yahoo recently imposed a revenue cap on doman parking income on certain TLDs. TrafficZ reported that the affected TLDs “include .biz, .co, .info, .tv, and .us.” leaving open the possibility that other TLDs might also be capped.  According to TrafficZ on 8/16:

“The new, conservative revenue cap was rolled out early this morning and will be imposed on a per domain, per day basis. Specifically, if a particular domain in one of the above-referenced TLDs exceeds the revenue cap on any given day, Yahoo! listings will cease to be displayed on that domain for the following three days, at which point they will resume displaying as normal.This change was made across the board and will affect all Yahoo! partners. “

In a follow-up email they clarified that:

“Yahoo! is just one of many advertising partners that TrafficZ works with to monetize your domains and traffic. And although Yahoo! may have imposed a cap on certain TLDs, TrafficZ will continue to monetize all high quality domains and traffic through our multiple advertising partners, regardless of TLD, revenue and/or volume.”

“Furthermore, TrafficZ clients with exceptional .INFO, .US, .TV, .BIZ and/or .CO domains should submit them to our account team for further review. Where appropriate, TrafficZ will work with Yahoo! to have revenue cap limits raised or removed from qualified domains, regardless of TLD.”


Sedo Improves their Parking Interface

Domain powerhouse Sedo announced in September that they have revamped their parking interface based in part on feedback they received from users.  This change was long overdue, and the new interface is clean and easy to use.    Sedo summarized the changes this way:

“The Domain Management Tool has also been updated in order to allow customers to review both parking and selling settings on a single page. This makes it easier to set optimization preferences for any parked domains as soon as it is added to a user’s account.”

“Our main focus during this revamp was offering our clients the most user-friendly interface possible, including new and invaluable parking tools, and a top-performing parking section with much faster load times,” said Lissi Mack-de Boer, CSO of Sedo.”

“Just one part of the improvements is the introduction of an advanced reporting system with additional filters and customizable reports. Domain parking statistics can be displayed in a number of ways, and custom searches can be saved and easily accessed in the “Parking Reports” section. For clients who already park their domains with Sedo, we recommend that they log into their accounts and find out more about Optimization History, Searched Keywords, Custom Quick Views and our other new tools available under “Parking Reports”.”

It’s nice to see Sedo putting some time and effort into it’s parking interface.  The graph in the picture shows my RPM for the last 12 months.  Things are looking up for me and my parked domains at Sedo, and domain sales have picked up as well.  

DirectI Merges Big Jumbo and Domain Advertising Brands
DirectI, the Indian parent company of many different domainer-related brands has announced that it is merging the DomainAdvertising and Big Jumbo brands.  Big Jumbo is no more, and accounts are now merged into Domain Advertising.  When the Domain Advertising brand was first announced, former Fabulous CEO Dan Warner was brought on board to lead the company.  Warner left Domain Advertising this summer.
Newsletter Frequency Statement

You’ve probably noticed that this newsletter is coming out less frequently.  There’s just less news on the domain parking front lately.  I won’t clutter your inbox with off-topic stuff, so you can expect to see a newsletter every couple of months unless something really important happens.

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