October 2009

October 2009 – Issue #51

Sedo buys ParkingPanel

Another domain parking company bites the dust.  Times are tough for domain parking companies, and the consolidation continues.  Sedo announced today that they have taken over ParkingPanel, a domain parking company originally started by StormWest.  Earlier this year Sedo bought RevenueDirect and integrated their customers and some of their technology.  They plan to do the same with ParkingPanel, including their technology that uses “Total Semantic Relevance” keyword technology and real-time multi-variable testing  to increase revenue and optimize templates.

Tim Schumacher, CEO of Sedo commented that

“This is an excellent opportunity for Sedo to extend our parking program’s industry leading services to ParkingPanel.com’s customers.  We look forward to a smooth integration of the ParkingPanel.com brand into Sedo’s community of domain buyers and sellers. This acquisition is another example of Sedo’s commitment to sustaining growth and increasing our membership throughout the year.”
We are supposed to login to ParkingPanel to get our domain list and then move it to Sedo(?) They are not automating things this time?  I tried to do this and wasn’t able to, but I think I had already moved everything out of ParkingPanel back when they had some financial troubles.

How much to Develop a Mini-Site?

Domain Mass Development had a September sale, but it appears to still be going on.  If you order 10 domains for mass development  $999 you get an additional 10 domains for free.  According to the site, you get

“a dedicated project manager to oversee all aspects of web design and development. turnaround time of 7 days or less…All design, research and copy writing done by professionals with years of experience.  Website content may feature up to 10 pages of on-topic text, images, videos and more.  All content on websites consists of 100% original written articles, images and feeds.”
Another offer from Domain Mass Development gave you the $99 each price for 5 domains.  They claim that their $99 domain is the equivalent of MiniSites’ $325 package.  Apparently both companies offer free hosting for their mini-sites.   I’m not sure if this offer is still active.
The company MiniSites also offers services that start at around $100.  They also show you examples of their sites, including MotorSports.com and VintageWines.comDomain Mass Development will send you examples on request, but they do not link to any of their sites.

I’m planning to try these services and I will report on my how it goes.  If you have worked with either company, please reply with your experiences.

TrafficZ and Boswell Part Ways

Jonathan Boswell has left TrafficZ to focus on his private equity company Boswell Investments.  Jonathan was one of the founders of LeaseThis.com, which was bought by Thought Convergence and integrated with TrafficZ to some extent.  He was General Manager of TrafficZ for the last year.

Andrew Allemann reported that “he and the TrafficZ co-founders have decided to part ways over a disagreement about the direction of the product and how to best grow revenue.”  You can read some quotes from Jonathan in Andrews article at DomainName Wire.
See you in Key West?
The SedoPro Partner Forum is next week in Key West.  This is an invitation-only event produced by Sedo for SedoPro members.  If you are a reader, please let me know and let’s talk about the state of domain monetization. 

What are you doing to diversify your income stream?  I’m actually investing in some real world real estate.  I’m learning how much I don’t know about this field.
Until next month,
Leonard Holmes


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