Sedo started out as a German company, but has grown into an international domain powerhouse with U.K. and U.S. divisions. Sedo will list your names for sale and broker the sale for you. Listing is free, and you pay 10% for their brokerage and escrow services when the domain sells. They also provide one of the best Pay-Per-Click parking services – which you can use whether or not you have your domain listed for sale. Sedo offers an outside escrow service for 3% if they did not broker the name for you.
Sedo’s parking services use a “one-click” model. They purchase Google ads and these are what will appear on your site. A person only has to click once. Google has such a wide variety of advertisers that many niche domains will find relevant ads here. Domains may show different ads in different countries, benefiting from Google’s and Sedo’s technology.
You do not need a minimum number of domains to benefit from Sedo’s parking services, and parking at Sedo also takes advantage of their marketing clout in selling your domain. Sedo offers customer service in multiple languages.
You can list your names immediately at Sedo, and you can suggest keywords. Keyword changes are generally approved overnight, but not on weekends. They also have a tool that will show you what your site will look like with different keywords entered. Customer service is excellent.
Sedo now offers a variety of parking pages. Examples of Sedo sites include, and The pro version of Sedo formerly included better stats and landing pages, but most of the landing pages are now available in both services.
Once you have made changes in your portfolio in the Domain Optimizer you will see yellow icons next to the changes you have made. You still need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Save Changes” button before leaving that page. If you don’t do this you will lose all of the changes that you have made. Ideally they should not need this second step. Why not just save your changes after you make them? At the very least they need to add a similar “save Changes” button toward the top of the page – or make the 2-step process a little more obvious.
Sedo states: “In order to maintain high standards of traffic quality, SedoPro asks each applicant to obtain an endorsement from an existing SedoPro member. Endorsement Codes can be obtained from any current SedoPro member. Admission to users who do not have an Endorsement Code is offered only to the very highest quality portfolio owners, following extensive checks by SedoPro staff. This can result in a delay in the processing of your application, and will make it more difficult to gain admission.”
Contact us or send an email to NameMonetizer [at] get an endorsement code for SedoPro (but be sure to include your first and last name – since their form requires this). 


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