PPC Rates Tumble as Advertisers Pull Out

“It’s the economy stupid.”  That was originally a line from Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, but it accurately describes what we are seeing in PPC domain parking rates.  Depending on the industry, many companies seem to be curring back on Online advertising – and this means lower income from PPC from domain parking and AdSense.

There was a great post from “Seabass” on NamePros about this. 

I have been following three certain markets online since, really, 1996….. and I know who 95% of the advertisers are. And I have spoken to about 70% of them on the phone at one point or another…..many were customers of mine. Well, I did a bunch of spot checks on certain domains’ keywords that match those markets…… and guess what? Many of the BIG players have pulled out of PPC for now……they can’t be found on Yahoo or Google. These are folks/companies that have had PPC running for six or more years continuously. To see them not advertising is very telling. I’m sure they will be back b/c their business depends on it. Right now there are scared as hell……like everyone else, including most domainers. “Cash is king”….. and that is surely what they are thinking. They are probably trying to accumulate a cash pile to hold them through any more sh*t that may be coming. BUT…..they must return to advertising or it is their demise. When? Who knows….. until then we suffer.

If you have noticed your PPC income dropping – this may be the reason.  It may be a good time to diversify your income stream.  More about this in a future entry.

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