Stealing Ad Campaigns – Is this Ethical?

Chris Carpenter caused quite a stir with Google Cash Detective 2. After the first version tanked, he came back with a hosted version that has several months of very up-to-date data on PPC AdWords campaigns in every conceivable keyword. Think of this as SpyFu on steroids. If you’ve ever tried SpyFu on your own ad campaigns you have noticed that the data is usually several months old. You get useful data, but you have to be aware that it is not up-to-date. Google Cash Detective 2 has up-to-date data on almost every keyword. It is a massive database, and you do pay a significant sum for this ability (around $100-$150 a month, depending on how you pay).

Google Cash Detective 2 allows you to completely copy a competitor’s AdWord campaign, down to their complete keyword list and all of their ads. You will see which keywords they are using right now, and which ones they have used for the past two months. This is legal – since they are just massively mining the publicly available AdWords data. Is it ethical?

Download a free report and videos

If you sign-up for Google Cash Detective 2 through the links in this post I will send you two 50 page bonus reports – one on CPA arbitrage and one on starting an Affiliate business. These are both profitable online fields that domainers are entering in order to supplement their parking income.Just send me an email after you have signed up along with a copy of your confirmation letter.

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