Donny Simonton is On Strike (at NamePros)

According to a recent post, Donny Simonton of Parked and WhyPark is backing off from his participation in the popular NamePros Forum after being criticised by a moderator.  According to Donny:

Do to reasons beyond my control, I will not be responding to questions on namepros for the next few weeks/months. It was brought to my attention that my opinion was “pointless and a waste of time” by a moderator here. So I’m on strike.

If anybody wants any help from me, shoot me an email or talk to your account manager.

Apparently the original comment was made privately by a new moderator named Jason.  Ron James (RJ), the founder of NamePros has stepped in to inject some calm into the situation, but has received some criticism for creating a new thread that highlights Donny being on strike.  His influence does seem to be calming things down.

Donny has been the most active and “out there” representative of a domain parking company.  He responds quickly and honestly to questions and has inspired many newbies to improve their businesses.  Let’s hope that this strike is over soon.






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