How Much to Develop a Mini-Site?

Domain Mass Development is having a September sale.  If you order 10 domains for mass development  $999 you get an additional 10 domains for free.  According to the site, you get

“a dedicated project manager to oversee all aspects of web design and development. turnaround time of 7 days or less…All design, research and copywriting done by professionals with years of experience.  Website content may feature up to 10 pages of on-topic text, images, videos and more.  All content on websites consists of 100% original written articles, images and feeds.”

Between now and 9/20 Domain Mass Development will also give you the $99 each price for 5 domains.  They claim that their $99 domain is the equivalent of MiniSites‘ $325 package.  Apparently both companies offer free hosting for their mini-sites. 

MiniSites  also offers services that start at around $100.  They also show you examples of their sites, including and VintageWines.comDomain Mass Development will send you examples on request, but they do not link to any of their sites.

I’m planning to try these services and I will report on my how it goes.  If you have worked with either company, please reply with your experiences.

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