Epik plans a Monster Conference

The Edgewater Hotel
I could have just as easily said that Monster plans an Epik conference.  Venture Capitalist and Internet entrepreneur Rob Monster is working to build a platform that supplants domain parking.  

His Epik platform primarily uses tools from EvoLanding to create a semantic web of sites that feed traffic into one another.  He recently announced the first Epic Developer’s Conference.  The early bird registration for the event is just $595 and ends on July 15.  The event itself takes place in Seattle September 15th – 17th at the Edgewater Waterfront Hotel.    

For more information visit their site at the Epik blog.

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  1. Thanks for the post!As for the technology, the EVO Landing technology is separate. I am an angel investor in the company. Epik's core platforms are:- Product Portals- Directory Portal- Video Portals- Wiki platform- DevRich (not DevHub) – acquired in May 2010Thanks again, and hope you can join us!


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