WhyPark Debuts Domain Apps

WhyPark announced in July that they have new “Domain Apps” that can be installed on WhyPark domains.  These widgets are automatically installed, either on the home page of the domain or on a separate page.  

Domain Apps let you instantly add relevant widgets to your domains, and in some cases you earn money from the app. The comparison shopping feed is one example that lets you earn money.  The full list includes:


  • Comparison Shopping – perfect for product domains
  • A Hotel Directory for your area, great for geo-domains
  • Local Business Listings – good for categories or geo-domains
  • Online Flash Games
  • A Twitter stream about the topic of your domain
  • Weather for a given city or region
  •  A Web Directory:  “Develop a new revenue stream by including a paid directory on your domain. Customize categories and subcategories and charge a monthly listing fee.”
  •  YouTube videos based on keywords related to your domains.


The apps are easy to install, but I have run into problems on some of my domains.  The apps are reported to be installed, but they don’t show up.  It turns out that domain apps don’t install if you are using AdSense or another third party monetization mechanism.  You need to be using the WhyPark/Parked feed.  I find that this feed does not target quite as well based on content as the AdSense feed on many of my domains, and that income is better with AdSense in many cases,  Your mileage may vary, of course.  

All-in-all, Domain Apps are a great new tool to easily create landing pages with custom content that makes your domains shine.  In some cases you may even make some extra money.



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