Sedo and Google Switch to Estimated Stats

Sedo announced this week that they are going to display stats that they receive from Google first, then adjust them to delete “spam” clicks.  In their words, initial estimates stats will be “based on the exact figures we receive from Google, our primary ad provider.”  One intertesting aspect of their announcement is that they publicly identify Google as their primary ad provider.  In the past this was understood but not explicitly stated in their public statements.  

Parking companies are caught in a tough spot right now.  Google seems to be the only player that is paying even halfway decent income, and some formerly Yahoo/Bing-based parking companies have started using Google as well. The best approach for monetization these days is still to diversify.  Develop your absolute best domains and monetize through AdSense or other means.  Park most of the rest.  Actively market your domains for sale to end users.

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