Oversee.net Cuts More Staff

Oversee.net, the parent company of DomainSponsor, announced yesterday that it has laid off 38 employees – close to 20% of its workforce.  The company cited a difficult economic environment expected in 2009 for the layoffs.There was speculation that  was one of the hardest ht divisions, but the company did not break the numbers down.  They... Continue Reading →

PPC Rates Tumble as Advertisers Pull Out

"It's the economy stupid."  That was originally a line from Bill Clinton's presidential campaign, but it accurately describes what we are seeing in PPC domain parking rates.  Depending on the industry, many companies seem to be curring back on Online advertising - and this means lower income from PPC from domain parking and AdSense. There... Continue Reading →

How’s the Financial Climate for Domains?

There has been some debate on how the current banking and financial crisis is affecting the domain industry.  Whether or not this specific crisis affects domains, the general economic slow-down is definitely having an effect.  While $3,000,000 did change hands in Moniker's T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York live domain auctions, this is down from $10,000,000 in 2007.   Last month's newsletter provided information on similar... Continue Reading →

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