NameMedia’s AfterNIC Gets New Portfolio Manager

Domain marketplace Afternic announced on June 29th that they have implemented a new portfolio manager to make it easier for domain owners to manage their domains at the company.  According to the press release: “Afternic Portfolio Manager provides our customers the ability reconcile their inventory in a single request, while providing instantaneous add, edit, and remove domain... Continue Reading →

Domain Monetization in early 2010

Domain parking income seems to have settled at lower levels than in the past few years, and some people have seen a slight increase in income in early 2010. Some have suggested that the Yahoo/Microsoft paid search deal should further boost parking income on Yahoo-based services such as SmartName, Parked / WhyPark, and TrafficZ.  Paid... Continue Reading →

Monetizing Domains through Sales – Best Practices

Before domain parking most domain owners monetized their domain portfolio through domain sales.  Paying the registration fees for a large portfolio can be a challenge.  Before you allow your domains to expire, consider these best practices for domain sales. Keep your contact information up-to-date, and include a real email address where people can contact you. ... Continue Reading →

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