Diversifying Domain Income

By now it is obvious that income is down from PPC parking companies. It is also becoming more difficult to track which companies are paying the best, because comparing this month’s revenue to last month’s revenue almost always results in a decrease – whether domains are switched to different companies or not. Domain development remains an elusiveoption. WhyPark is probably the easiest pseudo-development platform, but the Google duplicate content penalty continues to loom large over their business model. EvoLanding is beta testing a development platform, but based on past experience, I can’t really recommend them.

More about diversification is in the December Name Monetizer newsletter.

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  1. Hi Leonard,Man, it’s been a long time since I last talked to you, back in 2001 or so, when you were revealing the domain secrets now common knowledge. The domain "insiders", probably totalling less than 250, wanted to ride you out of town on a rail, Huck Finn style!You’ve stayed the course, and I have to hand it to you. Good job.As far as WhyPark.com is concerned (and I’m VP of Business Development there), our Phase 2 rollout is coming soon, which addresses your concerns. There are other "features" and content processes being introduced that will push WhyPark.com to the top of domain development, especially those branded and longtailed domains that have value but get little typein traffic. The content duplication issue has been addressed, and is something we’ve worked very hard to push around, even though we can’t control anything the big SE’s want to do. However, what a lot of domainers don’t know is that with a simple $99 account, they can park 100 domains with us, and place their OWN adfeeds, CPA’s, banners, and link downloads on the very domains that were making them ZERO rev before. A domain that made zilch parked at a traditional parking service can earn back it’s $.99 cost at WhyPark.com with just a few minutes spent on customizing the site to utilize other monetization services, and Whypark.com doesn’t require a percentage, you get to keep 100% of your earnings from your own rev sources. Nobody else offers this.I’d be glad to discuss this further with you at your convenience. Whypark.com believes that in 2009, most domainers will see our site as an important part of their domain portfolio monetization strategy. Thanks for mentioning us, and much more success to you!


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