A new look for an old friend

Name Monetizer, Domain Parking News, and Parkquick.com chronicled the domain monetization industry from the late 1990s through 2015.  During this time domain parking could be quite lucrative.  Since then Google has pushed the industry toward real meaningful content by punishing domains that are full of ads.  This benefits the Internet and most users.  It has left... Continue Reading →

Welcome ParkQuick.com viewers

We have been having some hosting issues at ParkQuick.com and may be redirecting traffic here at times - where the most recent content lives.  Check out the blog posts below and the newsletters for information on how to park your domains and earn money. What is domain parking? Domain parking lets you easily "park" your... Continue Reading →

DomainSponsor Parking Income Improving

DomainSponsor just wrapped-up their WebFest Global conference in California (formerly DomainFest Global).  Ron Jackson attended a press breakfast with Debra Domeyer, who reported that "Domeyer made was that the company saw good year over year growth in domain monetization with the average PPC revenue in 4Q-2012 coming in a little better than the same quarter a year earlier."... Continue Reading →

Some GoDaddy Sites Hacked

        The Security Site Sophos.com has reported that some sites hosted at GoDaddy have been hacked with "ramsomware."  Users are sent to a page telling them that their computer has been locked and that they need to pay a ranson to unlock the computer.  Frasier Howard notes that "an animated GIF in... Continue Reading →

Above Domain Parking – Testing the Services

Above.com has continued to add both new features and new parking services to their basic platform.  They recently launched a "domain marketplace" putting them in competition with AfterNIC, Sedo, and GoDaddy. So far they don't have very many domains for sale, but it's a start. Above.com is a Australian company that is part of Trellian.  Their... Continue Reading →

DomainSponsor to help Improve Internet Security

Oversee.net announced yesterday that it has entered into an agreement between DomainSponsor and internet security company Team Cymru to help improve security on the internet.  It seems that DomainSponsor's large number of parked domains are being leveraged as a giant honeypot - potentially attracting malicious traffic.  Team Cymru wil then analyze the traffic - incuding the... Continue Reading →

How to Follow the Domain Industry

Many domain owners have busy lives, and most of us have day jobs.  There are a select few people who receive all of the income from their domain names.  Many of these people are becoming "online businesspersons" with developed ecommerce sites and income beyond the traditional income streams of PPC income and domain sales income.... Continue Reading →

DomainNameWire Survey

Here's your chance to share your opinions of domain parking and more.  Andrew Allemann's 2011 survey can be found here.  Take a few minutes and share your opinions.

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