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We have been having some hosting issues at ParkQuick.com and may be redirecting traffic here at times – where the most recent content lives.  Check out the blog posts below and the newsletters for information on how to park your domains and earn money.

What is domain parking? Domain parking lets you easily “park” your domain and earn money. No hassles with web hosting or content creation. The domain parking services described here provide free hosting and pay you every time someone clicks on a link. 

As of 2013 Parking revenue has stabilized at lower levels than we saw a few years ago. Quasi-development options such as Domain Apps are gaining some ground, but it’s still quick and easy to park domains that aren’t otherwise being used. Content is becoming more important with recent Google algorithm changes. The various parking and content creation services differ in important ways, and one may work better than another for you. Whether you are a domain professional or someone holding a single valuable name, parking with one of these domain parking services will turn your traffic into income. ParkQuick will help you develop the strategies you need for optimal domain parking.

Our Current recommendation:

Park most of your domains at SedoNameDrive and Sedo are both good choices for international domains. Domain Sponsor is another recommended choice for small and large portfolios.

Domain Apps has a lot of potential, but Google treats domains parked there as parked domains – no matter how snazzy the site looks.   Check out other pages of this site for more on the strengths and weaknesses of these services.


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