Sedo Deleting Active Domains

One of Sedo’s automated systems seems to be going a little crazy and it is deleting active domains from Sedo’s system.   I received the tollowing email today

Dear Customer,

During a routine Account Maintenance Check, we noticed that you have one or more domains listed with Sedo that are not currently registered.
Since the domain(s) in question are not active and therefore cannot be traded or parked through Sedo, we’ve removed them from your Sedo account.

To ensure the quality of Sedo’s marketplace, we will be conducting frequent Account Maintenance Checks for all Sedo accounts. This increased awareness of the domains listed on Sedo, will allow our team to detect and remove any expired domains on our site.
To find out which of your domains have been deleted first log into your Sedo account and go to the “My Sedo” tab located at the top of the Sedo’s homepage. From there, select the “Domain Management” option. Under the “Please choose” section, select “Deleted domains”. You will then be able to view the domains that we have removed from your account.

Although Account Maintenance Checks are conducted on a regular basis, we encourage you to keep track of the domains you have listed for sale with Sedo, to avoid having domains removed from our marketplace moving forward.

For any questions please visit

I quickly checked my Sedo account and found that many of the domains that they deleted are still registered.  Most are parked with a different company and some were inadvertently not hosted, but clearly registered.  

If you get a similar email from Sedo, you should check the list immediately and start a “ticket” with their support desk if they have deleted domains that you might still want to sell or park with them.

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