NameMedia Upgrades their Parking Platforms

NameMedia announced today that they have upgraded several aspects of their parking platforms, and that additional improvements are planned.  The improvements apply across the board to their SmartName, ActiveAudience, and GoldKey services. 

When you first log-in to your account you will be greeted by a new dashboard that replaces the old control panel.  The interface seems friendlier and easier-to-use.  NameMedia claims the following improvements:

  • Timeout Issues: We have improved the physical hardware, as well as modified database and application indices and code. All of these have resulted in a significant improvement in overall application performance.
  • Data Discrepancy Issues: We’ve improved our in-house notification tools which will provide us with information on data discrepancies for prior days.
  • Site Downtime: Successfully completed a data center move to improve the overall site stability.

I didn’t even know that they had so many issues, but the site does seem more responsive. Unfortunately stats have been delayed a couple of days by Yahoo, so it’s difficult to immediately measure the site’s performance.

The make over includes some new templates on the front-end as well.  Here are some thumbnail  screenshots that they provided, but be aware that different color schemes and designs are also available. 



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