Big Changes at NameMedia

NameMedia has made a big change in their parking strategy.  It appears that they have sold the domain name and they are converting most domain owners to their formerly high-end SmartName service.   If you parked domains at GoldKey or ActiveAudience you have probably received an email asking you to change nameservers on your... Continue Reading →

Brian Carr of NameMedia on Domain Monetization in late 2009 and Beyond Brian Carr is Senior VP of Domain Publishing at NameMedia.  He shares his thoughts about NameMedia's domain publishing (parking)services and the future of domain monetization.  In this interview he talks about the new iPhone apps for GoldKey, ActiveAudience and GoldKey; and reveals that GoldKey and ActiveAudience domainers can get the SmartName feed that... Continue Reading →

NameMedia Upgrades their Parking Platforms

NameMedia announced today that they have upgraded several aspects of their parking platforms, and that additional improvements are planned.  The improvements apply across the board to their SmartName, ActiveAudience, and GoldKey services.  When you first log-in to your account you will be greeted by a new dashboard that replaces the old control panel.  The interface... Continue Reading →

Yahoo Stats Delayed

Several parking services are reporting delays in stats from Yahoo for the period of 2/15-2/17.  This problem has delayed the semi-monthly report calculation for Parked (which pays twice a month).  NameMedia's Yahoo-based SmartName, ActiveAudience, and GoldKey report similar stats delays.

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