Big Changes at NameMedia

NameMedia has made a big change in their parking strategy.  It appears that they have sold the domain name and they are converting most domain owners to their formerly high-end SmartName service.   If you parked domains at GoldKey or ActiveAudience you have probably received an email asking you to change nameservers on your domains.  SmartName is known for innovative services such as their SmartName shops.  These instant ecommerce destination sites monetize through non-traditional services (such as and they also allow you to include your own AdSense ads on the pages. 

SmartName has also announced new content options for sites parked there.  They have a new blog-like content system that allows domain owners to create content-filled web sites on their domains in an automated manner. The sites pull in external news and blog feeds to create a unique web that may even rank in search engines. The sites are monetized by PPC ads, and like their shops, the domain owner cah add their own PPC ads.

Your old GoldKey or ActiveAudience logon should work with the new SmartName system.  There is a learning curve involved in their new system – but I am planning to start learning.



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