DevHub Improves on Evo Formula

DevHub is a tool to help you develop your domains. It is essentially the reincarnation of EvoLanding, the service that created great looking sites that did not monetize well. The new sites look even better, but the big news is the control that you have over your sites on the back-end. Below is a screen shot of the DevHub editor.

Most of the page is taken up with a graphic representation of your site.

You can drag and drop widgets from the right-hand column and they will show up on the page. You can easily build-out eight pages of content on your site.  If you had sites at EvoLanding, then the pages are there for you to edit. If you are adding domains, you start with a blank slate and drag widgets to the page.

The preview of the active site is available even if you don’t have the nameservers or c-name settings changed over to DevHub. The second graphic is a screen shot of the actual site that results from the control panel above.

I haven’t done much editing of the site in this picture since it was an EvoLanding site. You can see, for example, that the “news” is called the “Latest About Mental Health News.” One quick change and this becomes “The Latest Mental Health News” – much more logical. With EvoLanding this was impossible to change. With DevHub it is a snap.

Job searches default to the location of the computer’s ip address, which is a nice touch.  Local Search does the same thing, or you can change both of these – which is quite useful if you have a geo-domain.  It is very easy to add blog posts and other content to your sites.  This type of content should help SEO – but it means writing articles by hand (or hiring someone to write them).

As domain monetization moves away from domain parking toward other models. DevHub is a leading contender in the race to build scalable, quickie development platforms.  They have even provides ways for you to integrate custom content and your own monetization alternatives.  The jury is out on the income levels, but the platform is certainly slick and user-friendly.

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