WhyPark adds Features and Charges

WhyPark was the first quasi-development platform. [Update 4/28/09 – They have dropped the $1200 fee!] For $100 you could add up to 100 domains and they would build them out with content from article directories. You added your own AdSense ad code and you had a site full of content. At least that was the original model. WhyPark started having problems when Google started shutting off the AdSense ads because of duplicate content. They developed their own ad feeds, but they keep a part of that income on top of the $100 joining fee.

WhyPark has morphed into a development platform. They now offer traffic and link-building services such as blog placement services, content development, directory submissions, and RSS syndication services – all for additional fees. You can order custom design services, content development and domain analysis – all for additional fees.

I don’t have a problem with these additional services costing more, but they even charge fees for use of any of their newer templates. They really want you to pay them at least $10 a month to upgrade your account. Right now they offer a small selection of “standard templates” and a much larger selection of premium templates. I don’t know what the premium templates look like, because I haven’t paid up. Their pitch:

WhyPark Premium Templates are only available to customers who subscribe to the Enhanced ($10/mo) or Managed ($25/mo) accounts.

Upgrade Your Account Now and get instant access to 387 additional templates, including 3 templates in this category.”

WhyPark does not have the selection of widgets that DevHub has, but they do allow you to put RSS feeds on your site.

At least I thought they did.

The option for RSS feeds is labeled “Only available in the Enhanced and Managed plans.”

The current incarnation of WhyPark appears to a nice one-stop shop for domain development and site building. I haven’t tried the value-added services, but they do seem reasonably priced. I do think that simple features like RSS feeds should be included in the $100 that you pay up front.

If you have already paid your $100 and are just using the minimum feature set, you should check out their premium services. It’s nice to see this feature set offered without the hassle of dealing with independent contractors from eLance or similar services. The drawback is that these services appear to only be avialable for domains that you have “parked” with WhyPark . (Okay – maybe “parked” isn’t the right word.)

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