WhyPark Drops the $100 Fee

WhyPark’s domain development services once cost $100 for 100 domains. As I noted in a previous post the basic services will aggregate content from article directories on your sites. You add your own AdSense ad code or use one of their monetization options and you have a site full of content. For a fee you can also add RSS feeds and even custom original content.

WhyPark received some VC funding a while back and they are making the most of it. They have beefed up their staff and they now have their own article submission service. Be sure to check out the earlier post for more details of all of the features available with WhyPark.

At this point WhyPark and DevHub are the two best quasi-development platforms that will get your domains in to full-fledged sites without a lot of development work. WhyPark has a much better track record of income production.  Now that they are free, you have one less excuse for not checking them out.

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