NameDrive Opens NDX Domain Market

NameDrive has opened their new NDX domain market first announced in January.  NameDrive’s service will charge a 7% fee, compared to the standard 10% charged by Afternic and Sedo. All fees are waived for the first month, as a way of encouraging people to sign-up.

If you park your domains with NameDrive have can get the commission rate down to as low as 3%. Some domains, such as  ccTLDs and gTLDs, carry no minimum commission (but still charge a percentage). 

In announcing this service NameDrive claims that they are already a big player in the domain aftermarket.  They have been doing a lot of selling through their “Park and Sell” program, and in some ways the NDXMarket is an extension of this.

Should you sell through NDXMarket?  I’m planning to – but I already have some trouble keeping up with the current status of domains at Afternic and Sedo.  Is it worth the hassle of adding a third marketplace in order to save a little on commission?  Probably.

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