Afternic Bug deleting domains?

When you get a nibble on a domain you have listed at Afternic you get an email asking you to set a "Floor Price" and a "Buy Now price."  The last two times I went into my account to set these prices I ended-up accidently deleting the domains from my account.  The first time this... Continue Reading →

Domain Monetization in early 2010

Domain parking income seems to have settled at lower levels than in the past few years, and some people have seen a slight increase in income in early 2010. Some have suggested that the Yahoo/Microsoft paid search deal should further boost parking income on Yahoo-based services such as SmartName, Parked / WhyPark, and TrafficZ.  Paid... Continue Reading →

The Jay Westerdal Flap

Most of the domain blogs have covered the dispute between Thought Convergence, parent company of Trafficz and Jay Westerdal the founder of DomainTools.  I'm not sure how Andrew Allemann finds the time to cover this stuff, but I thought he did a good job of covering all angles (once he got all the info).  You... Continue Reading →

NameDrive Opens NDX Domain Market

NameDrive has opened their new NDX domain market first announced in January.  NameDrive's service will charge a 7% fee, compared to the standard 10% charged by Afternic and Sedo. All fees are waived for the first month, as a way of encouraging people to sign-up. If you park your domains with NameDrive have can get... Continue Reading →

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