Afternic Bug deleting domains?

When you get a nibble on a domain you have listed at Afternic you get an email asking you to set a “Floor Price” and a “Buy Now price.”  The last two times I went into my account to set these prices I ended-up accidently deleting the domains from my account.  The first time this happened I assumed that I had made an error.  The second time I was much more careful and the domain was still deleted from my account.  If you get an email like this one, be very careful when you edit the prices in your account:

You have received a sales lead on DOMAINNAME.COM through one of Afternic’s Expanded Promotion partner sites. 

A lead indicates that someone is interested in the domain, but is not prepared to buy it yet. In order to proceed with this buyer, please take the following steps now:

1.  Set a Floor Price and Buy Now price in the next 48 hours.

To remain a robust marketplace of premium domain names for both buyers and sellers, we require that every domain have a Floor Price and Buy Now Price within 48 hours of receiving a sales lead.

The Buy Now Price is the price you want for your domain and at which it is promoted. Your domain sells immediately when a buyer meets the buy now price.

The Floor Price is the absolute minimum price at which you are willing to sell your domain.  It is a binding price. 

To set your Floor and Buy Now prices please log into My Afternic at: 

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