Google Ordered to Release Parked Domain Metrics

Online Media Daily reported on Friday that U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Howard Lloyd has ordered Google to release metrics related to it’s domain parking and “errors” program.  The judge is presiding over a potential class-action lawsuit by search marketers against Google.  According to the report
Google must disclose concerns its assessment of the quality of sites within its AdSense network, including its parked domain and errors pages. Among other information, Google must reveal the “conversion score value of the property source” — defined in the court order as “a metric Google uses to price clicks from Web sites contained in its network.” Also, Google must reveal the “smart pricing discount,” or the discount that Google applies to clicks on some of its AdSense properties.

The theory is that it sheds light into Google’s pricing formula for its parked domain program.

This battle started in 2008, when several companies filed lawsuits asserting that Google shouldn’t have placed their ads in Google’s AdSense for Domains and AdSense for Errors programs which often serve ads on typo sites that people tend to visit by accident.  The complaint asserts that these programs include low-quality pages and sites that yield fewer conversions than ads that appear on Google’s search results pages.
According to the article
The marketers also said they believed that clicks on ads on parked domains “were unlikely to lead to desirable business outcomes, and that placement on such pages could damage their brands.”
Google counters that parked-domain ads “perform as well as or better than ads on Search and Display Network sites.”
Read more in the Online Media Daily Article

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