Google Cash Detective Free Trial

This is a pretty amazing opportunity. Google Cash Detective is the highest rated of the internet marketing “spy tools.” It contains weeks of fresh data on the successful ad campaigns being run by people in different Online niches. You can immediately find out what keywords your competitors are bidding on, which ones they keep bidding on week after week, and which ads they repeatedly run to generate income. That makes it very easy to clone their campaigns and grab part of the market.

Google Cash Detective is designed for people who are buying ads on AdWords and similar services and sending the traffic to CPA and Affiliate offers.  You can easily find out what is working for others and save yourself hours of tedious keyword research. This tool has allowed me to start new income streams that do not depend on my domain names alone.

Try this tool on your own campaigns, and see how accurate it is. For the first time ever Chris Carpenter is offering a free trial of this very powerful tool. Sure, there is a lot of hype surrounding this campaign. He keeps membership closed for weeks, then opens it up in a big “launch” like this. The other reason that he keeps it closed is to not over-tax the tool. When the first version of this tool was released it was panned by most reviewers because it just didn’t work that well.

Here’s your chance to try this tool for a week. You can try it on your own campaigns to see how accurate it is.  Quit after the free week and you owe nothing.  There is a good chance you’ll be hooked, though.

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