Oversee Announces the Next DomainFest Global

The people at Oversee.net had a problem. They held the best domain conference to date in January this year, topped-off by a benefit at the Playboy Mansion, Over 600 attended, double the size of most recent domain conferences. What could they possibly do for an encore?

A recent press release stated underscored the dilemma

Last year more than 600 people attended the conference, including domainers, service providers, bankers, lawyers, and advertising professionals from 26 countries. The show included two major parties: a private party in a reserved section of Universal Studios and a charity event at the Playboy Mansion.

This past week they anoounced that DomainFest Global 2010 is moving to the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, California. The entire hotel will be taken over by domainers and other Internet-types.Be sure to save the dates January 26-28, 2010. Registration is scheduled to open August 15 at $895. The rate increases to $1,095 on October 1.

The 2010 conference will focus on the importance of domain names in online marketing, with additional focus on how to use domain names to get the most out of the pending economic recovery.

DOMAINfest is organized by Oversee.net, parent company of DomainSponsor. There are also unconfirmed rumors that Oversee is also planning an East coast conference later in 2010.

I’ve read Rick Schwartz’s response that his conferences are the only unbiased events, and I’ve even heard that they have improved. Still the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conferences seem to be about making money for Rick and Howard. Rick Latona has infused some new blood into the franchise and apparently pressured them to drop the adolescent “invitation only” rule.

That said, DomainFest Global earlier this year is the best domain conference I’ve ever attended, I believe that Oversee.net President Jeff Kupietzky sees these conferences as a way to give back to the domain industry, as well as a way to improve the reputation of Oversee. It’s working.

Santa Monica will bring the conference closer to the ocean. Look for big things at this conference. If you can afford to attend only one conference next year it should be DomainFest Global.

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