Will Google Demand Parking via DNS Only?

Several people reported receiving an email from Sedo in August stating that their "primary advertising provider" (Google) was planning to require that all domains be parked via DNS/nameserver changes rather than domain forwarding. (Many of the blog posts about this are really just people ripping off DomainNameWire's story on this issue.)  I've searched my email... Continue Reading →

Domain Monetization in early 2010

Domain parking income seems to have settled at lower levels than in the past few years, and some people have seen a slight increase in income in early 2010. Some have suggested that the Yahoo/Microsoft paid search deal should further boost parking income on Yahoo-based services such as SmartName, Parked / WhyPark, and TrafficZ.  Paid... Continue Reading →

How to Monetize Now?

Domain parking income is down 40-60% for most domain owners.  While parking companies are tweaking their algorithms to squeeze every drop out of parking, there is also a shift toward domain sales as a way to monetize domain names.  If you've been in the industry long enough, you've seen this before.  This is how many... Continue Reading →

Oversee Announces the Next DomainFest Global

The people at Oversee.net had a problem. They held the best domain conference to date in January this year, topped-off by a benefit at the Playboy Mansion, Over 600 attended, double the size of most recent domain conferences. What could they possibly do for an encore? A recent press release stated underscored the dilemma Last... Continue Reading →

Sedo buys Revenue Direct

Domain name giant Sedo and parking company RevenueDirect announced today that Sedo has taken over the smaller parking company.  The two platforms will continue operating separately for the time being, but I expect that eventually we will see a merger of the back-ends, with Sedo's landing pages predominating.   It doesn't make sense economically for them... Continue Reading →

By the Numbers (February 2009)

Name Monetizer welcomes Howard Hoffman, who will be regularly reporting on the trends he is seeing in the nubers based on his extensive domain portfolio.As most domain owners know, there has been a long-term trend of declining Revenue Per Click (RPC) from Google- and Yahoo-fed parking providers (DomainSponsor, Sedo, Fabulous, SmartName, TrafficZ, etc).  RPC is... Continue Reading →

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