Will Google Demand Parking via DNS Only?

Several people reported receiving an email from Sedo in August stating that their “primary advertising provider” (Google) was planning to require that all domains be parked via DNS/nameserver changes rather than domain forwarding. (Many of the blog posts about this are really just people ripping off DomainNameWire’s story on this issue.)  I’ve searched my email several times and I don’t see where I received this particular email from Sedo, but according to DomainNameWire the email stated:

Based on current discussions it is possible that our ad provider will cease its provision of advertising to URL-parked pages and in consequence only support DNS parked domains.

This step is considered by the online advertising provider in response to advertiser feedback and would affect all URL-parking customers at all parking companies worldwide that share this advertising provider. This change could happen in the near future (potentially as early as the fourth quarter of 2010) and we wanted you to have this information in advance to take into account for your internal planning.
it does not sound to me like this is set in stone yet – but it may be a good idea to start changing everything to DNS (such as ns1.sedoparking.com) just in case.  The recommended parking companies that use Google for at least part of their advertising include Sedo, DomainSponsor, and NameDrive.

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