Sedo Introduces New Technologies

The recent Sedo Pro Partner Forum in Key West was an opportunity to learn more about the domain powerhouse that is gobbling-up other parking companies.  Sedo is actually part of a giant German Internet conglomerate called United Internet.  Check out this page to see how Sedo is related to all of these other parts of this Internet giant.  Hint – Sedo is below the fold.

SedoPro members (email for an invitation) are now able to opt-in to have your domains optimized by Sedo in a beta program.  For now it appears that Sedo will test your domains for different settings (1 -click vs. 2-click landers, keyword, etc.) and make changes that will increase your revenue.  Sedo even allows you to optimize keywords for different countries, which is a great idea if you are fluent in the appropriate languages.  If you are not, then check the box and let them do the optimizing.  

To apply these beta traffic optimization features to your full portfolio:

1.    Log-in to your SedoPRO account and go to the Domain Optimizer Page

2.    Tick the “Enable Traffic Optimization for my account (Beta)” box.

Sedo has tuned-up it’s parking engine and now offers optimizing based on behavioral patterns, performance monitoring, a semantic engine, and predictive targeting.  Domain portfolio owners can influence the “predictive targeting” portion by manually optimizing keywords in their accounts.

In the future you should see some very interesting things if you participate in this beta program.  Sedo sources have suggested that CPA offers, shopping portals, and destination-style pages with content may show up in future attempts to optimize domains this way.  For now you’ll just see tweaks on your pages, but as these other experiments are rolled-out the beta testers will be included.

While Sedo now makes 69% if it’s earnings through domain sales and only 31% through parking, they have not stopped working on ways to improve parking income. 

2 thoughts on “Sedo Introduces New Technologies

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  1. New Technologies ? sorry, other companies got already this masterpiece of service in their domain opt toolbox since months…


  2. The technologies are new for Sedo, and the optimization options may break new ground in the future. Yes – some companies have been doing similar things for a while. DomainSponsor has been doing behavioral optimization for some time.


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