Sedo Stats Down after DDoS Attack

Domain owners using Sedo for parking have probably seen a dip in their numbers.  Sedo sent an email today referring to a "malicious D-DDOS attack" (distributed denial of service attack) last week.  They have had some monetization problems since making changes to the site to prevent such attacks.  In their words: Last Friday, we informed... Continue Reading →

Tim Schumacher Steps Down at Sedo

Sedo announced this week that co-founder and CEO Tim Schumacher is stepping down at the end of January. Schumacher was one of four co-founders of Sedo in 2001.  He is resigning for personal reasons. 40-year-old Tobias Flaitz becomes the CEO and a board member on February 1, 2012. Flaitz comes to Sedo from Hubert Burda Media... Continue Reading →

Sedo Revises Parking Interface

Domain powerhouse Sedo announced today that they have revamped their parking interface based in part on feedback they received from users.  This change was long overdue, and the new interface is clean and easy to use.    Sedo summarized the changes this way: The Domain Management Tool has also been updated in order to allow customers... Continue Reading →

Sedo Raises its Fees

Domain powerhouse Sedo announced a fee increase on domain sales in a July 1 email.  Their new rates take effect August 1.  The new fee schedule brings their fees more in line with Afternic - their main U.S. competitor. Instead of a flat 10% fee for their services (with a higher fee for optional broader... Continue Reading →

We’re No Longer Recommending Bing-based Services

Earlier this month I dropped my recommendation of Bing-monetized parking companies Parked and SmartName. Income has just not rebounded Since Bing took over monetization of these services from Yahoo. As of this month I recommend the Google-based services DomainSponsor, NameDrive, and Sedo/SedoPro.    Income has been dropping at Google services too - but it's been... Continue Reading →

Sedo Cleans up Parking

Sedo has reportedly made some interesting  changes to its parking program .The parking pages were switched to JavaScript at the end of October.  According to Sedo: A change to a predominantly JavaScript-based advertising feed means that non-human traffic (traffic from bots or scripts that does not lead to sales for advertisers) will be more accurately... Continue Reading →

Sedo Introduces New Technologies

The recent Sedo Pro Partner Forum in Key West was an opportunity to learn more about the domain powerhouse that is gobbling-up other parking companies.  Sedo is actually part of a giant German Internet conglomerate called United Internet.  Check out this page to see how Sedo is related to all of these other parts of... Continue Reading →

Sedo Tweaks its Parking Pages

  The domain giant Sedo has made some changes to its domain parking platform that should result in more revenue for domain owners who park with their service. Some of these changes were already available to their invitation-only Sedo Pro service. The changes: The ability to choose between one-click and two-click landing pages. Most domainers... Continue Reading →

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